Our strongly belief is that sourcing is a relationship business

About Us

AB CDE was established in 2006 in west of Sweden.
The business idea is to help the customer improve their sourcing strategies.
The value add with this is huge changes in increased profitability, reliability and quality.

Core Values
CDE, Creative Durable efficiency

We know the past and the present, the future we can only predict.
The only thing we know is that it will change.
So we need to be creative and adopt to the new world, we need to develop or dismantle.

We need durable environmental mindset to protect our planet. We also need to be durable in order to succeed with our commitments.

Today time is one of the most valuable commodity.
So we need to spend our time smart; with constant improvements and usage of tools to be as efficient as possible.

“Work Hard. Patience”

3 words of success, Shalane Flanagan,
the First American Woman to Win the NYC Marathon in 40 Years