60-80% of the cost in producing industries is purchased goods.
Purchasing should be core business in all companies to know how to impact it”


If you are looking for an old school hard boiled Sourcing buyer, then you come to the wrong place…

Our strongly belief is that sourcing is a relationship business.

Our goal is to get the best out of all crossfunctional members.
The supplier is expert in their field, so lets utilize on that!

“To find the solution, start looking at the source”
Identify a problem and to start looking at the root cause, the source of the problem, we need to involve all crossfunctional members, not least the supplier, the expert in their field.

This new mindset of a sourcing buyer demands a set of skills to pursue this:

  • Project manager skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Market demands
  • Networking ability

We can drive the change to reach the set targets.

We can drive the change in an ever changing world.